Elements - September 2023

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Here is what is available for September's elements!

After Effects

  • ASCII Effect: An updated version of our ASCII setup, in 4K and 1080p. The 1080p version has a higher resolution setting (second image)
  • Bit Breaker Transition: A glitchy, 8-bit style transition (second image)
  • Black Hat Title: A glitchy title built out of layers with tons of text in them (second image)
  • Hand-drawn Locators: An animated collection of hand-drawn arrows, boxes, circles, etc. (second image)
  • Network Title: A title with an isometric laptop on a techy, gradient background (second image)
  • FPS Script: An After Effects script to batch fix framerate and duration of selected comps
  • RangeMapper Script: An After Effects script to take selected properties and set them to fit within a new range
  • Wireframe Title: A techy, wireframe title with faked 3D wireframe text, devices, and other tech elements (first image)
  • Mogrts: There are also mogrts of all of the After Effects projects in this month's files, aside from the Hand-drawn Locators

Cinema 4D

  • Network Title: A clean, modern setup of a simple laptop (second image)
  • Wireframe Title: A shader built to render interesting wireframes of devices (first image)

Additional Elements

  • Texture: There's a PCB texture merged together from various circuit board/battery photos (second image)

Plus all of the necessary assets

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Elements - September 2023

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