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Elements - August 2023

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Here is what is available for August's elements!

After Effects

  • Ink: A project to composite the ink effect built in Cinema 4D (second image)
  • Xray Shader: The project used to build the thumbnail (first image)

Cinema 4D

  • Halftone: A shader that builds a halftone look using a light for density, similar to something you'd see in Spider-Verse (second image)
  • Ink: A setup to build an ink effect as if you dumped it into water (second image)
  • MATCAP: Experiments testing the new RS MATCAP shader (third image)
  • OSL Depth: A shader that can add a blurred texture that appears to be within an object to add an interesting depth to objects (second image)
  • Reflector Cone: A shader setup to build retro-reflective surfaces (second image)
  • Xray Shader: A shader to build an X-ray style similar to the old Go Bag promo from Nik Hill/Red Giant (second image)

Additional Elements

  • Texture: There's a quick scratch texture built from Midjourney elements (second image)

Plus all of the necessary assets

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Elements - August 2023

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